The year that was

2015 saw a huge change for me, with the introduction to Beaver Builder by Gerard, I have been spending more time on creating the tools to build site than I have actually designing and developing sites for clients.

Let me take this time to thank you all, when I first started on this journey of building modules, I did not expect the level of support and appreciation I have received, if we celebrated Thanksgiving in Australia, it would've been all of you I would've been thankful for this year.

The Fotoplugins plugin grew fast, and has continued to evolve as you all have used it and provided feedback and requests.

As a result, I have now developed a second plugin, purely focussed on galleries and a third on the way for advanced carousels.

And this leads us to where I see 2016 for web designers?


To infinity, and beyond!

So lets take a look at the top 5 topics on where I see web design trends taking us into the future?


A huge focus has been placed on building sites in JS, and whilst my focus will be on learning Angular.js and Node.js, I do not see 2016 being the year that left PHP behind.


In fact, I see more leaps forward in CSS growth than I do JS. Why? More and more people are browsing on tablets and smartphone devices, and these devices are now resource hungry thanks to screen and power advancements. We now want crisp imagery and typography thanks to retina displays, so we need our sites to load faster and faster to accomodate quality imagery, and CSS is lighter than JS. 


As we are browsing sites more and more on the go, this means we want bite sized snippets that are easily scannable, and that is where card layouts like Pinterest excel. Not only that, card layouts are a lot easier to design and develop with CSS, and that is where Flexbox will reign king, especially with all major browsers supporting it.


Sliders are dead, at least in the form that we know them as. A simple slideshow gallery seems logical at first, load up some beautiful imagery, have them slide into place one by one to attract attention to the viewer, but it actually has a negative effect on your site.

If people are scanning for information like we talked about with cards, how much attention are they going to pay to a slide? Sure, we have 10 seconds to grab a visitors attention, but these days we are all news hungry, we want information, and more importantly, we want to know how that information is going to help us?

Sliders are slowing down a site, contain fairly useless info and do not help your SEO.


Icons are already popular, and I do not see that slowing down. Icons are great for adding imagery to the story telling on a site without adding the extra resources that images do, they look great on any device, are fully responsive and with the take up of SVG, animations will become a huge thing moving forward

What do you think?

So what do you think of my forecast for 2016 and what are your own projections? Let me know in the comments below.

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